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Henigu Mihe Hetoa Heyanenhes Yatt, wa Occaneechi Saponi Watahkai.  I am known as Vickie Jeffries. 

My bracelets and earrings are done on a wooden loom and each one tells a story through the color of the beads and design.  To honor my ancestors all my pieces are given a name in the Tutelo-Saponi language.  Each piece that I bead is made from my heart and I hope the person that ends up with the piece feels the sacredness of the beads.  Working with gourds is a wonderful experience. The shapes are so different and they become beautiful works of art.

I feel empowered and full of strength when I bead and I know that healing is taking place.


Please check out all of Vickie’s creations, jewelry, baskets, herbal products and more by going to her website: 



Mecou! I am Johnette Jefferies-Lopez. I am Occaneechi Saponi. I am from Brown Summit NC, about 45 minutes away from the Occaneechi Tribal Grounds. I am also a wife, Labor and Delivery RN, mother of three and step mother of three.

I have worked toward promoting the health of my People by working on the Occaneechi Tribal Heath Circle and working with Guilford Native on our Healthy Native NC project and helped build a community garden and healthy eating classes.

I got into jewelry making after I stopped working after my father died in 2006, it was an outlet and a source of healing as I began learning the healing properties of stone. Over the years I have learning many different types of jewelry making, including stone necklaces, earrings, wire wrapping, hammered wire and beading. 

I hope you can feel the love, care, positive energy and inspiration I put into every piece I work with! Bi’wa!

There are several ways to shop for  Johnette’s authentically crafted items: 

Facebook – Native Inspirations

American Indian Made – aim-nc.com 

Email Address: jlorn88@aol.com


Creating gives me peace, a quiet space to meditate, to reflect on ancestors and to focus on the future.
The clothing and jewelry I make reflect my indigenous roots. A tale of the past overlaps the present, which gives light to the future. All tenses are happening at the same time in every piece. The  everyday apparel that I spin forth from my hands rebels against the assimilation that our ancestors experienced. My fashion is  meant to say “I am Indian and we are still here”.
Website: To be announced
Art: Women’s dresses, ribbon wear,  moss bags, beadwork, moccasins, leatherwork, bracelets, resin, semi-prescious gem setting, necklaces, pillows, upholstery, masks, woodworking and embroidery. 
Custom: Embroidery, ribbon wear and  jewelry repair only.
For orders or questions please feel free to contact Talaya at: talawolffashion@gmail.com